The Birds of Italy - 1. Anatidae-Alcidae.

 ISBN: 978-88-89504-60-4
Series: Historia naturae.

Title: The Birds of Italy - 1. Anatidae-Alcidae.
Author(s): P. Brichetti & G. Fracasso.
Pages: 512.
Dim.: 17X24 cm. - Hard cover
Price: € 48,00 + shipping costs.




The first account of the Italian avifauna to be published in English. Three volumes illustrating the current status of all Italian species, with detailed data on distribution, populations, habitats, breeding biology, movements and wintering.

Detailed maps and graphs illustrating geographical distribution of breeding, wintering and rare species, as well as numerical trends for winterings species.

Many high-quality colour photographs illustrating both geographical areas important for birds in Italy and many representative species.

In this first volume, the 384 reported species (including 109 species with rejected records) are described, with data updated to 2016-2017, and supported by 181 distribution maps, 100 graphs and 82 colour photographs.


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